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Joyous Kantha throws are made from vintage saris which have been sewn together using traditional Kantha stitching. They are a traditional example of re-purposing at its best."Kantha" refers to both the style of running stitch, as well as the finished cloth and are a symbol of history, family, strength and ingenuity. Each side is different and tells a story which will continue with each owner. Sometimes patched, these layered pieces are beautiful enough to hang on a wall, drape on a bed or put on the back of a sofa.


Please note:

Due to the age of the piece you should expect to see some evidence of wear and colour staining, which is to be expected and adds to the charm of the piece. The ‘imperfections’ add to the character and history of the item.We don’t advise washing them yourself as they are very fragile, instead use a specialist cleaner or dry cleaners.

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