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Our hand block printed textiles are designed and made by artisans in Jaipur. Block printing holds a place of pride in India and is the age-old craft of dyeing and colouring a fabric using wooden blocks which has been perfected over generations. Woodblock printing is deeply rooted in India’s history and is stubbornly resistant to industrialisation. The fabrics printed have a distinctly handmade essence, and a casual and colourful aesthetic adding charm to the home.

The process of hand block printing starts with the designing and carving of the blocks. The block is then dipped in paint and the design printed from the outside to the inside. The fabric is then dried in the sun before having a second wash to fix the colour. The process of block printing is totally manual, incredibly difficult, and therefore requires precision and artistry of the greatest degree.

We work with a family run companies which are loyal and supportive to all workers.

Everything is printed in small batches.

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