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A Suzani is a hand embroidered textile piece which comes from the Persian word Suzan meaning needle. They are valued for their craftsmanship and decorative quality.

Suzanis are often made from cotton, sometimes silk, and the pattern is drawn onto the fabric before being embroidered on narrow portable looms. These drawing marks can often still be seen on the pieces. They can be produced in two or more pieces, meaning that they can be worked on by more than one person before being stitched together.

Typically Suzanis are hung flat on a wall but I adore them as bedspreads and on the back of a sofa. Another favourite option is for upholstery, they’re excellent on ottomans, headboards and occasional chairs.  

Please note:

Due to the age of the piece you may see some evidence of wear and colour staining, which is to be expected and adds to the charm of the piece. The ‘imperfections’ add to the character and history of the item. We don’t advise washing them yourself as they are very fragile, instead use a specialist dry cleaners.

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